Lead In

In anticipation of a new novel I’m putting together (teaser: aliens and atheism), I recently re-wrote a short parable that I had first written over ten years ago while living in Oldenburg, Germany. At the time, I was friends with another American who studied electrical engineering. Super smart guy. Also a Jehova Witness. He wouldn’t celebrate his birthday and truly believed that only 144,000 people would make it into Heaven.

I got inspired by his irrationality to write a short parable called “The Scholar and the Priest.” On the day I presented it to him, our mutual friend Anja was there, and offered to translate it into Polish for me (being as she was from Poland). So, I used to have an English and Polish-translated copy, but have since lost it, so I’ve re-written it.

It’s short and theme-based with the new novel:

The Scholar and the Priest

There was once a scholar and a priest and the scholar asked the priest why he believed in religion. “Quite simple!” replied the priest. “I have faith in religion because its survival relies on my faith. If people were to stop believing, then religion would surrender itself to non-existence. Religion is the belief in that which we cannot know.”

The priest then returned the question to the scholar and the scholar replied: “I believe in science because its existence does not rely on my belief, but because it is always there. However, it grows and evolves as more and more believe in and practice it. Science is the belief in that which we can only know.”

Just then, above the two, the clouds parted and a purely angelic voice rang down upon them—clear and undeniable. That of God.

The priest then lost all faith in religion.

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