Ordering Korean food on the phone

I recorded Hyerin ordering food off one of those door-menus restaurants like to leave. We do it a lot and I always ask her to order because I’m still uncomfortable in speaking Korean while on the phone. I decided to record her and transcribe it here so I can understand how to do it better next time.

“네, 여기 돈볶이 하나랑요. 혹시 계절 메뉴도 되나요?  그러면 비빔냉면도 하나  갖다 주세요.

여기가 어디냐면요.  대구 수성구 중동 13번 지  서진빌라트….서진빌. 305호예요. 네, 네.”

I need to do the same when we ride a taxi together. I can get from point A to B, but when she speaks, it’s obviously fluent and she’s using words and intonation which I don’t know yet. Need to learn it.

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