TOPIK prep class

TOPIK is the “Test of Proficiency in Korean” and is a language aptitude test for non-Koreans. The test is recognized by employers and universities in Korea. It’s taken primarily by other Asians who are coming to Korea for work or education, though, a few westerners sometimes take the test with either the same intent, or to provide something new and fresh to tack onto their resume.

I’m going to take the test next year sometime. There are 6 levels broken into 3 divisions (2 per division). Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced. I’m hoping to pass Level 4 (intermediate) sometime next year. If I achieve the advanced level, I should have no problem getting work in Korea if I were to be so inclined to find it.

So, about a month ago I enrolled in a TOPIK Intermediate grammar prep class. There’s only 3 of us in the class, all Americans. The grammar is still a bit over my head, but sometimes having an actual teacher teaching me feels good and worth the cost and effort, so I enjoy it.

Last week, I clandestinely captured a minute of video of the class in case you’re curious. The entire class is taught in Korean. No English whatsoever is used.

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