Deskwarming 2011

Often a dreaded day for any and all English teachers in Korea, “Deskwarming” is the process of coming in on a day (or two or four or ten) when there are no lessons, no other teachers, and often no students. English public school teachers in Korea are bound by a contract. This contract explicitly states how many days are required to work and how many are paid vacation. Occasionally, there will be a day at our school when we have to come in for 8 hours, but the school is empty. The hallways are bare. The heat is not on.

Fortunately for me, there are two Native English Teachers at my school. So, if I have to come in, she does too! It provides someone to talk to and/or horse around with.

How to pass the time? Easy answer:

Actually, in normal work weeks I have 40 hours of contracted work. 22 hours are for in-class teaching. Of those remaining 18 hours, only about 1-2 hours is really ever used for lesson-planning. That means a good 16 hours a week I have for deskwarming.

My favorite activities when stuck deskwarming:

1. Learning Korean

2. Watching TED videos

3. Learning physics

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