Third Graders

There’s something to be said about third graders. They treat teachers like kings and love, Love, LOVE! running into me outside of school. Often times when I’m out and about in my neighborhood, I will hear a sudden, loud scream of joyous excitement, which makes my heart jump and my body brace itself for the coming onslaught of attention only a third grader can give. I feel like a K-Pop star each time I hear: “Ah! Teacher!!!!” when passing by the small park next to my apartment building.

Often times, when kids see me across busy streets, they will still jump up and down excitedly, waving their hands and SHOUTING my name (as if being a foreigner in Korea didn’t draw enough attention already). These kids will wait for the light to change and then BOLT across the street in eager anticipation of running up to me with the sole purpose of saying only: “Hello, teacher!”, giggling, then running off again.

Today, on the way home from school, my co-teacher Taryn spotted two girls in our park. We knew the onslaught was coming. Watch the vid for their overzealous reaction.

I love it when the little girl repeats “so cool”. So cute!


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