TOPIK 2012 — 100 Days!

I have an early goal for 2012. Four times a year the TOPIK test is administered in Korea. This is the Test of Proficiency in Korean. It’s a standardized exam which tests reading, grammar, writing, and vocabulary in the Korean language.

There are 3 levels to TOPIK: Beginner (1,2), Intermediate (3,4), and Advanced (5,6). I figure Beginner might be something nice to add to your resume if you have no plans to stay in Korea; Intermediate seems more appropriate for someone interested in approaching an international job market in Korea; and Advanced is what Korean universities recognize for admission into their programs.

My goal, for April 2012, is to successfully complete the Intermediate Level (4). I have never taken the Beginner level and know now the Intermediate is still beyond my level, but I think with 3 more months of prepping, I can get through it. I did take a TOPIK Intermediate prep course a few months ago, so I have an idea of what to expect. If I don’t reach my goal, I can retake the test two more times this year.

Check out the countdown counter on my site. 100 days and counting. Wish me luck!


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One Response to TOPIK 2012 — 100 Days!

  1. Keith Kampe says:

    Good luck! That’s my goal, too!!!

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