Over ten years ago, when I was an undergraduate student studying German at the Carl von Ossietzsky Universitaet in Oldenburg, Germany, a friend of mine and I were talking science and he recommended a book to me called Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman. I had never heard of Richard Feynman before and knew nothing about physics. My friend insisted that the book was a “must read” for anyone interested in understanding simple physics, explained in laymen terms by a top-tier physicist.

I didn’t buy the book then. But I always remembered the name. I remember browsing titles in Barnes & Noble in downtown Denver about five years ago and coming across Feynman’s name and the small, paperback version of Six Easy Pieces. It was a short book. Only about 130 pages. But still, I put off purchasing it.

I found it recently at a book store in Seoul and decided this time to purchase it. I’ve already been spending lots of time listening to physics lectures online.

I read Feynman’s book and have been turned on to reading more, not only about physics, but about him as well. Today I found this great video of some of his thoughts about science and human curiosity.

And on Beauty:

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