Platefuls of Onions

I hung out with my good friend Nick on Saturday after running into each other the night before at a bar downtown. We made an appointment to meet at Exco–a local event center where there was a Trick Art museum on display. We paid our admission and spent about 2 hours roaming about the galleries, posing with some great pieces. Here’s my favorite:

The Upsidedown / sideways hallway

After the museum, we went to Costco to get some food. I’ve always heard the pizza at Costco is really good. It was tasty, but WAY too big to get it all down. Now, before going to Costco, I had heard about this strange phenomenon among Korean people where they eat platefuls of chopped onions as a side dish to their pizza/hotdogs/hamburgers. I was curious to see for myself.

Sure enough. PLATEFULS (and cupfuls too!) of minced onions. They then add ketchup and mustard and mix it all up. The best theory I’ve heard is that Koreans like to have small side dishes when eating out (true in any and all Korean restaurants you visit), so, lacking that in a food court, they create such side dishes. I’m not sure if that’s a real reason or not. I asked my girlfriend about why they do it and all she said was: “Yeah, it’s good. It tastes good.”

I chalk this right up there with the SPAM gift sets here in Korea. Some things just ain’t like home.

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One Response to Platefuls of Onions

  1. Brokenman(dible) says:

    Almost $30,000 for 9 packages of SPAM?! What the FUCK! It must be made out of real ham or something!! I’m not sure if you should buy it just to taste it, or to save it for future generations before the price goes up agai.. What? What’s that? Oh.. Not dollars… Oh.. Okay. Goodbye.

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