Medicinal Woes

My girlfriend sent me this a few days ago:

Admirable Korea vs. Degenerate America

It’s a subway advertisement regarding the safety concerns from purchasing over-the-counter medication at supermarkets. In Korea, this option is not available (wasn’t available in Germany either). Specifically, the ad points out the drug-related problems that exists in the United States, because the US does allow for over-the-counter, non-prescription pharmaceuticals to be purchased.

You can see the top of the ad has a “korean-looking” doctor talking about medicine. Then, the blond-haired American talks about America’s system and there are three panels of how we all loose our minds in the States because of this ability to purchase abusive drugs like aspirin and cough syrup without a prescription.

The clean-cut Korean doctor makes another statement about maintaining Korea’s current system. Bravo!

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