Cappellos Bulgogi Pizza

I know a lot of foreigners in Korea who don’t really dig Korean style pizza. It’s certainly different than the western styles most of us have grown accustomed to. In short, Koreans seem to enjoy putting anything and everything under the sun atop a pizza crust. Shrimp, sweet potatoes, corn. You name it. One pizza in Korea which stands out for me is the bulgogi pizza!

In the US, meat pizzas have always been popular. Pepperoni, sausage, ham, etc., you know. So, as a meat-eating-pizza-lover, I couldn’t wait to get a taste of Korean bulgogi pizza!

In Daegu, my American friend Nick and I have found a great and, sadly, rather empty pizza parlor right in the heart of downtown. I say rather empty, simply because every time we go there during dinner hours, there are more empty seats than filled. Neither of us understand why as their pizza is top-notch. They do offer street-side pizza-by-the-slice service, so maybe they draw a strong customer base that way.

It’s called Cappellos and it’s right across the street from Thursdays 2, next to The Coffee Bean.

A large pizza should be enough for two hungry guys and will run about 19,000KRW. Be sure to ask for some parmesan cheese to add on top and you’ve got yourself a tasty dish. Large chunks of bulgogi, onions, peppers….it all comes together so well.

In Daegu, pizza shops are everywhere. Western chains like Dominoes and Pizza Hut are easy to spot. But, it’s the Korean-inspired pizzas which tickle my fancy to a greater degree. Mister Pizza and Pizza Etang certainly rank among the best. I always love having a seat with Nick at Cappellos, but would love to see it fill up like it deserves.

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