Donghwasa Temple

Perched among the rolling hills of Palgong Mountain, north of Daegu, is Donghwasa temple. While it can take about 40 minutes to get to from the center of Daegu, arriving at Donghwasa is well worth the trip, if one ever needs to get away from the city and fill their lungs with some fresh, clean air.

A buddy of mine at the gym invited me to tag along with his family. I had heard of the temple and the huge Buddha statue there, so I was naturally eager to see it. The only other significant thing I’d ever seen at Palgong Mountain before was Gatbawi–a visual treat all in of itself.

Donghwasa didn’t fail to impress me. It’s reachable by paved roads and easy-to-follow road-signs in English. Once there, parking wasn’t a problem and all the buildings are close enough to see in a short walk.

My friend’s son had a good time tossing pennies (ok, maybe not *pennies*, but coins) and making wishes:


The reason I always enjoy getting up to the mountains in Korea, is because of the fresh and cool air. It’s relaxing to visit these historical sites which are so close to one another, and yet distanced by enough acreage of forestland to make them seem secluded in their own right.

Even this cat had the right idea at Donghwasa:



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