Day trip in Yeongdeok

Earlier this summer, about a week before I was off to Malaysia, I was offered a day-long Saturday field trip by my employer, to a city called Yeongdeok (영덕). 영덕 is located on the East coast of Korea, north of Pohang. It’s a city famous in Korea for its snow crab. In fact, 영덕 has TONS of buildings shaped as crabs scattered about.

Our tour took us first to Oship Creek (오십천) for fishing. When we arrived, we saw dozens of families already there, spending their Saturday mid-morning wading through the creek with large nets, hoping to make a catch.

We made our catch, our group of twenty bringing in at least a dozen Sweetfish. We added them to the mix of everyone else’s, put them on the grill, salted them and watched them cook. Delicious!

The rest of our tour included the Yeongdeok Peach Village, Mount Jookdo observatory, Chooksan harbor, a dusk mountain trek, and then, after dinner, we lit some floating lanterns with others who were there with us.

All in all, a great trip and worth the bus ride there and back.

영덕 is a beautiful sea-side city with great-tasting crab and spectacular views of not only the ocean, but the surrounding countryside. If you’re in Daegu, this is a must-see. If you’re in Busan, it would be worth a weekend trip.

You can ride a bus to 영덕 from Daegu. Head to the 대구동부터미널 (Daegu East bus terminal). The fare is 12,500원 and should take 2.5 – 3 hours.

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