Christmas Lights in Daegu


Merry Christmas Daegu!

We have had two very lovely, fat-snowflake snowfalls over the previous two weeks, setting such a perfect mood for this year’s holiday season. Holidays don’t go unnoticed here in Korea.

Between Christmas and New Years, be sure to check out and have your picture taken at the Christmas Tree downtown, outside of Daegu Department Store. Looking for something a little more…um…well, bright? Then there’s no better stop than stepping outside Exit #3 of Daegu Bank Station (Daegu Subway Line #2, Green Line, 2 stops East of Banwoldang Station).


After dusk, you’ll be greeted with what seems to be a starry array of dazzling lights and festive music. Walk along the Daegu Bank plaza and get yourself lost in the displays.

Among the displays, is a full wall of 2013 wishes. I read through a few of the wishes, written by children, couples, and others optimistic of a promising 2013. They talk of love, happiness, and success. Take a stroll through the wish wall and add one for free if you feel the urge.


The display also has some statues for children and families to pose near. A snowman family and, well, a lion somehow.


One brief word of caution, there will likely still be several patches of ice scattered throughout the plaza. During the summer months, the plaza operates as a fountain, so it has several small steps and slight dips in its landscaping. So, at night, when viewing the display, be aware that you might take a step forward and land an inch or two lower than you had anticipated. Couple that with the ice and you could have slip/trip/fall hazard on your hands.

Also, the display is patrolled by security guards, should you have any questions or concerns.

Be sure to check out the display before it wraps up after New Years. Miss it this year? No worries, the Daegu Bank Station display is a yearly event, so you’ll have absolutely no excuse to get out there next year.

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One Response to Christmas Lights in Daegu

  1. Markus says:

    Did you leave your wishes there? I hope for you that they’ll all come true!
    Happy new year!

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