Korean News in English, German, and Korean — Smoking ban for Korean National Parks in January 2013

Language Learning Tip

My first year in Korea I concentrated on studying a load of grammar, bringing myself to an intermediate level of grammar recognition/usage. My second year here, I continued with grammar and also used a great smart phone app to concentrate on boosting my vocabulary (called Anki, great flashcard program!). I brought in over 1,000 new words to my existing Korean vocabulary. I hope to have an additional 1,000 words by the close of 2013.

As I enter my third year here, I want to put it all together more and try to plug myself into the language like never before. One step towards this goal is with this post. Korea’s KBS News has a wonderful selection of news stories translated from the Korean into German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, English, etc. Feeling a bit rusty in my German skills as of late, I thought it a clever idea to read and record a single news story in three different languages and provide subtitles for others learning either of the three languages to be able to read along.

Here’s the first video then:

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