[Jan./Tour] A Stroll Around Gumi’s Geumosan Lake


The city of Gumi isn’t on the map for most tourists or even of those living in Daegu. It’s a small town, located just north-west of Daegu. It’s mostly an industrial city, producing many of the Samsung and LG electronics that Korea holds so dear. So, it’s certainly an important city, but is it worth going to?

Before I had gone, I knew nothing about Gumi. So, I was keen to going with some friends last year and was really surprised at the enjoyable time to be had there.

KTX trains do not service Gumi, but fear not, there are plenty of slower trains that will take you there from Dong Daegu Station. The train ride is only 25 minutes, so reserved seating isn’t necessary if you don’t mind standing for such a short distance.

Upon arrival, you’ll see Gumi Station centered in the downtown. Nothing new there that isn’t in most other Korean cities of the same size. But, the best part about Gumi is the Geumosan Lake located about 1 mile away from the station. Follow the red line here to get to the lake:

walking map

On the way up (or back down), be sure to stop by one of the quaint restaurants that line the north side of the street. There you will find a bevy of Italian and French restaurants which are very accommodating to foreign guests.

Once you reach the lake, take a slow stroll around it. There’s some mild elevation changes, but nothing too taxing. Spawning from the main lake perimeter are off-shoot trails for more serious hikers wanting to scale the mountainside.

Lake sign

Lake path

Also, be sure to check out Gumiland once you circle lake. Located on the south side, Gumiland is a small but fun amusement park / petting zoo. A small admission fee gets you through the door with some tickets for bumper cars, family roller coasters, or those nauseating pendulum pirate ship rides.

Gumi is indeed a smaller, industrial city, but Geumosan Lake certainly makes it worth a visit.

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