[Jan./Transportation] Above the Below

Above the Below

Two years ago I remember the hassle of getting to Yeungnam University. It seemed like it should have been easy–just jump on the subway and jump off. Instead, one had to take the green line east-bound to the end station and then transfer to a bus. Well, as if the Daegu transportation gods heard my cries, last year marked the opening of three additional subway stops.

Suddenly, it’s become much more convenient to access not only the university, but the surrounding area as well. I recently joined some friends at a little place called Cafe Treez. It’s located just off the Yeungnam University stop, scattered among the windy neighborhood of shops, restaurants, cafes, and karaoke rooms. Having exited the bright, shiny new station, it felt good to explore a newer part of the city for me. Now, let’s face it, I haven’t done the same with *every* stop between my home’s subway station and this one, so what’s the difference? I guess, the new opening compels me more to witness it and explore further. The extension of the new subway line gave me the motivation to see what was out there that made it worth the extension.

Cafe Treez

And there was Cafe Treez. A moderately priced cafe, tucked away nicely with a front door accessible by a small alley. There, I enjoyed a hot chocolate and some waffles. I’m not talking IHOP style from back in the States, but rather thick, perfectly-golden, tear-apart waffles nudging up against a huge scoop of ice cream and wall of freshly-cut fruit. Oh, and let’s not forget the sprinkled powered sugar and drizzled chocolate on top. Wanna see the pic? All right then:

2012-12-23 14.23.42

I mention all of this, not so much to make recommendations of new places to visit, but to point out that as Daegu’s public transportation system expands further, more and easily-accessible neighborhoods will open up to Joe Commuter.

What was already noticeable in 2012 will become much more obvious this year, and that is the construction of the 3rd Daegu subway line. Subway is perhaps a misnomer since it’s actually above ground, but will be tied into the whole system just as well. Construction of the tracks keeps some adjacent traffic moving slowly, but seeing the new frames being erected for the future stations is a magnificent sight.


Construction will continue through 2013 and wrap up by Summer 2014. So, if you’re here in Daegu then, take the opportunity to explore Line 3 and in the meantime, head out to Yeungnam University station and see what the area has to offer. Or just take my recommendation and stop by Cafe Treez for a nice warm, waffle.

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