[Feb./Fun Things to Do] Suseong Artpia–Arts Academy

Artpia Cover

Daegu is a great city for offering its citizens free time activities. Donga Department store offers a quarterly newsletter showcasing it’s various craft, cultural, and continuing education programs. The target of these course offerings seems to be stay at-home moms who have pockets of free time scattered throughout the week and want to build social unity among their peers during those times. Book clubs, bread-baking clubs, weaving groups and the like can be found there.

However, for those who have more of an artistic interest the Suseong Artpia might be for you.

Artpia Exterior 2

Nestled just north of Apsan Mountain the Suseong Artpia is primarily a concert venue for visiting conductors, orchestras, solo artists, musicals, and plays. But, the Artpia also offers an art academy for interested members of the public. Ballet, painting, and musical instrument training are among the offerings at the facility. While all instructed in Korean, as with art in any country, a simple brush stroke or strum of a chord can be communicated beyond words.

The Arts Academy of the Suseong Artpia is located in the lobby of the Muhak Hall (무학홀), on the lower level of the building, left of the grand staircase (street level, no stairs required).

Artpia Arts Academy

Classes can be signed up for easily (fees vary) through an in-house application process. Follow the example application provided and hand it in to the friendly staff on hand.

Upon completion of the courses, exhibitions and/or recitals are given. Currently, there is a fantastic display of student artwork donning the foyer walls.

Artpia Paintings

Not interested in the academy? Well, you can still attend the numerous shows offered at the venue. Visit the Suseong Artpia’s website at: http://www.ssartpia.kr/  The Artpia is located in southern Suseong-Gu, just East of Suseong Lake.

Artpia Korean frontpage

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