Copyright & Plagiarism in South Korea


한국어로 아래를 참고 하세요

Last night I caught the last few minutes of the Korean drama 별그대 and noticed SBS Broadcasting made use of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” song. I was curious if SBS had permission to use the song, so I asked a Korean friend of mine. She was slightly offended by my inquiry, saying essentially: “What do you take Korea for?” Her rationale was, SBS is a huge broadcaster, so of course obtained permissions first.  However, at the end of the episode, I only saw credits to the show’s sponsors and no rights credits given.

The reason I’m curious is, there’s a Victoria’s Secret store in Daegu now. It’s obviously not an authorized retailer and sells marked up items smuggled in through customs. My question is, how did the business owner get a license from the city to open shop under the name “Victoria’s Secret”? Most likely, the city is just turning a blind eye to it.

These kind of shops utilize travelers  to buy Victoria’s Secrets products and bring them back as they return to Korea. The markup is huge. A single bra will run $150.

I spoke with another Korean friend this morning who essentially said that plagiarism just isn’t on the public conscience yet here in Korea and I found this article online today addressing this further.

Here’s an excerpt:

Mr. Kim is a graduate student at Korea University who asked to be identified only by his family name. He says Koreans may not have a well-established understanding of plagiarism. He attended schools in the United States and says Americans seemed to understand that claiming other people’s work as their own is wrong.

MR. KIM: “In Korea, that history may not be as long. So there still isn’t a huge consensus, in general, amongst all Koreans as to what plagiarism actually means. What is the extent of plagiarism and whether plagiarism itself is acceptable or not.”

To Korea’s credit, I remember, a few years ago Olleh Mobile ran a series of commercials using Star Wars characters. There was a clear copyright notice at the bottom of the commercials, which was nice to see:

I’m curious to know if anyone can tell me if major broadcasters, like SBS, do give proper credit/receive permissions to use music like they did last night.

Your thoughts?

어젯밤에 별에서 온 그대 20회 끝에 Bruno Mars의 “Marry You”  노래를 나왔다. 그런데 끝까지 보면 그 노래 사용하는 허락을 못 봤다. 저작권 침해이다? 궁금해서 내 친구에세 물어보고  “응 공인방송을 그럴거야”…”대체 한국을 뭘로보는거니”라고 대답했다. SBS 큰 방송국이라서 그렇게 절대로 안한다고 주장했다.

대구에 Victoria’s Secret 가게를 새로 생겼지만 구매대행이다. 분명하게 공인되지 않은 매장이다. 어떻게 매장 주인이 대구광역시에서 사업허가증을 받은지 모르다. 어떻게? 내가 진짜 궁금한다.

다른 한국 친구가 대부분 한국사람들이 표절의식이 없다고 말했다. 학교에서도 표절이 특별한 문제아니라고 말했다.

한국친구 여러분 어떻게 생각해요?

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