Renewing your F-2-7 (points) Visa in Korea

About a year ago, I was finally awarded my F-2-7 (points) visa from the Daegu Office of Immigration. Having jumped through all the hoops to get it, I had to admit that I was a bit dismayed to find out they had made it valid for only ONE YEAR. Well, that year has passed, and so I was somewhat dreading the renewal process. However, I can say that it went surprisingly smooth.

Immigration asked for only two documents. Proof of residence and proof of employment. Providing the proof of residence bit was easy. I brought with me my housing contract signed by my landlord and I. I also brought a recently utility bill with my name and address on it, though it wasn’t needed. I have also heard that one can bring in the official notice of renewal from immigration as proof of residence (though I haven’t verified this independently).

Now…moving along to the proof of employment…

I had quit my public school teaching job after 5 years in February, 2016. Having the new visa meant that I could work, as I’d desired, as an independent freelancer. Having paid off all my student loans and credit card debt, I was able to coast for a bit and not worry much about income. However, the immigration officer was wary of my sudden Bohemian lifestyle and did say that the F2-7 is still tied to work in a specialized field.

So, I reached into my bag and pulled out what might have been my trump card. It was a publishing contract recently offered to me by a major publisher in Seoul for a series of English education novels I was to write (the contract was for the first in the series). I will write more about my experience with publishing in Korea soon. I handed it over and the immigration officer looked through it. He convened with others for about 5-10 minutes and then gave me the good news.

Visa extension would not only be “no problem”, but I was getting a 5-year extension!

I’ve heard of others getting 5-year F2 visas right off the bat and I certainly didn’t expect it. It was great news (and great to know that I needn’t report to immigration for another 5 years). I paid my fee (60,000 won), got my updated expiry sticker on the back, and was on my way.

So, all one apparently needs to renew their F-2-7 (points) visa is simply:

  1. Proof of Residence
  2. Proof of Employment (contract)

If any of you have more information or other stories about renewing your visas. Leave a comment below!



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9 Responses to Renewing your F-2-7 (points) Visa in Korea

  1. dianero says:

    Thanks for the info, Brian. Just wondering, is there a minimum length of time that one needs to be in Korea in order for them to renew the visa (my F2 visa is for 5 years)? And as long as I show a work contract when it’s up for renewal, it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been working on that job?

  2. rickinasia says:

    Congratulations on your successful renewal and 5 years at that!

    I’m getting closer to obtaining the F-2-7 and so the question of renewal process has been forming recently. I’ll be bookmarking this page and taking notes. Thanks for all your info and for all the replies to readers’ queries.

  3. James says:

    Hi, great to hear you were able to get it for 5 years!

    I got an F-2-7 for 3 years and was wondering if it can be renewed in the future. Your post has hinted that it is probably possible. I was wondering about one thing though. I worked in a company under E-7 and changed to F-2, and I have been continuing work there, I have 1 year remaining in the F-2, and I was wondering about joining another (similar, possibly a market competitor) company when my current contract expires. Do you think it would still be possible to renew F-2 using my contract with the new company? Do you have any ideas on which documents I need to get from my current employer when my contract finishes so that I won’t have to go back to them when the time comes to renew the F-2?

    Thanks and congratulations again.

    • brianvanhise says:

      Hi James~ Yes, it should be no problem to renew your F2-7 visa. Immigration will want to see your work contract and as long as it’s in a related field, you should be good. They may also require to see your housing contract as well. From what I can recall, these two documents were all that were required for renewal. Of course, check with the immigration office in your area for details, but it sounds like you’re well on your way to renewal!

  4. Daniel okai says:

    Hi you are lucky man God bless you.l dont need a visa to enter korea.l am a south african what do l need to stay legally and can go out from the country and re entry?. l am a motor technician and motor vehicle mechanic teacher. Any advise?

  5. andieanjos says:

    Hi Brian! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it was of great help!!
    Do you know if the F2-7 visa could be attained by business owners?
    Thank you!

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